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Featuring 372 top Business-Schools and MBA programs, ranked by Business Week, US News & World Report, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Economist Intelligenc Unit, America Economia, and Asia Week

Name (school) City (state) Country Bweek USN WSJ Forbes FT EIU BWI Asia Latam
University of Chicago (Booth)Chicago (IL)US14117113n/rn/rn/r
Harvard UniversityBoston (MA)US21143312n/rn/rn/r
Northwestern University (Kellogg)Evanston (IL)US34692116n/rn/rn/r
University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)Philadelphia (PA)US4375117n/rn/rn/r
University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) (Ross)Ann Arbor (MI)US5121n/r2322n/rn/rn/r
Stanford UniversityStanford (CA)US6118264n/rn/rn/r
Columbia UniversityNew York (NY)US7946421n/rn/rn/r
Duke University (Fuqua)Durham (NC)US81412122229n/rn/rn/r
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)Cambridge (MA)US941017918n/rn/rn/r
University of California (Berkeley) (Haas)Berkeley (CA)US107513316n/rn/rn/r
Cornell University (Johnson)Ithaca (NY)US111416103428n/rn/rn/r
Dartmouth College (Tuck)Hanover (NH)US12721135n/rn/rn/r
New York University (Stern)New York (NY)US13101711108n/rn/rn/r
University of California (Los Angeles) (Anderson)Los Angeles (CA)US141119212941n/rn/rn/r
Indiana University (Bloomington) (Kelley)Bloomington (IN)US152034266042n/rn/rn/r
University of Virginia (Darden)Charlottesville (VA)US16141342725n/rn/rn/r
University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) (Kenan-Flagler)Chapel Hill (NC)US17198154549n/rn/rn/r
Southern Methodist University (Cox)Dallas (TX)US184448427086n/rn/rn/r
Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)Pittsburgh (PA)US19173205135n/rn/rn/r
University of Notre Dame (Mendoza)Notre Dame (IN)US203447407734n/rn/rn/r
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BweekBusinessWeek's 2008 ranking
USNUS News & World Report's 2008 ranking
WSJThe Wall Street Journal's 2006 ranking (*)
ForbesForbes Magazine 2007 MBA ranking
FTFinancial Time's 2009 ranking
EIUThe Economist Intelligent Unit's 2008 ranking
BWIBusinessWeek's 2008 international ranking
AsiaAsia Inc 2002 asian school ranking
LatamAmericaEconomia's 2008 latin american school ranking
(*) From 1 to 19, are "National" schools from North America. From 20-70, are "Regional" schools in North America.
MBA Rankings: Top Schools for E-Business (Bloomberg, 02/13/2013)

Is time running out for business schools that aren’t quite elite? (The Economist, 10/19/2011)
The established model of business education may be in trouble, if not for all schools, then definitely for mid-ranking American institutions
India's MBA Ranking Shakeup ( , 08/30/2011)
IIM Bangalore was named the number one school in the country, making it to the top slot for the first time since 2002
Your Top 5 Business Schools ( , 08/26/2011)
Rankings published by various publications should not dictate where an MBA hopeful applies
Report: School Gave US News Inaccurate MBA Ranking Data ( , 06/08/2011)
University of Florida Warrington College of Business supplied the magazine with inaccurate job-placement data, resulting in a higher ranking
MBA Rankings: A Better Way ( , 04/30/2011)
Media rankings of MBA programs do a poor job of assessing quality. Three professors propose a rating system that allows users to define the terms
The Search For a World-Class MBA (US News , 04/04/2011)
America, inventor of the M.B.A., no longer dominates global rankings like those produced by the Financial Times
Making the Most of Business School Rankings ( , 03/29/2011)
Choosing a B-school can be a gamble. MBA applicants shouldn't rely on rankings alone, but the data they include are a valuable resource, admissions experts say
Global MBA Rankings 2011 released ( , 01/31/2011)
London Business School and Wharton tied at #1
The Best Business Schools 2009 - Forbes (Forbes , 08/07/2009)
Sixth biennial ranking of business schools, based on the return on investment graduates have achieved after five years. 1) Stanford, 2) Dartmouth, 3) Harvard...
Top 10 Best Business Schools for Hispanics (, 08/31/2007)
Chosen by Hispanic Business Magazine
Best Business Schools (Forbes , 08/16/2007)
The top M.B.A. programs in the U.S. and around the world.
The Rankings Rebel ( , 06/27/2007)
Lloyd Thacker once was running a lonely campaign against U.S. News & World Report's college ratings. He's not alone anymore
Business Week's 2006 and WSJ 2006 MBA Rankings (ForeignMBA, 10/22/2006)
ForeignMBA's rankings updated with the latest information
The Top Business Schools Recruiters' M.B.A. Picks (, 09/20/2006)
Michigan has retaken the top spot this year. But the winner's circle also includes two newcomers. Find out which programs rated best among National, Regional and International schools.
The Best Undergraduate B-Schools ( , 04/27/2006)
Undergrad business programs are getting MBA-like respect, and competition to get into them is hotter than ever. Here's how the top schools stack up in our first-ever exclusive rankings
B-Schools Ranked on Social Studies ( , 11/01/2005)
Going "Beyond Grey Pinstripes" with ethics and social-responsibility programs.
Wharton and Harvard Are Missing ( , 09/29/2005)
The two B-schools declined to provide data for The Economist's rankings -- so they were dropped. Will other schools follow?
The Krannert School Is Spreading Its Wings (, 09/23/2005)
Purdue's Krannert School of Management may have taken first place in the Regional rankings, but it is trying to think a lot bigger.
Tuck School Is No. 1 In National Rankings (, 09/22/2005)
Why the Tuck School of Business took top honors in the National rankings in our survey of recruiters.
Recruiters' M.B.A. Picks: A Trio of Familiar Names (, 09/21/2005)
Find out which programs placed first in this year's National, Regional and International rankings.
Forbes' Best Business Schools (Forbes , 08/18/2005)
Ranks schools based on return on investment--meaning compensation five years after graduation minus tuition and the forgone salary during school
IMD Switzerland on business school rankings (, 08/15/2005)
Read what IMD Switzerland has to say about business school rankings....
A Rank Offense to B-Schools? ( , 08/05/2005)
Three professors say efforts to score higher ratings on magazine lists -- like BusinessWeek's -- promote educational mediocrity and short-change students
Escuelas de Negocios Ranking 2005 (America Economia, 08/01/2005)
Best latin american business schools
Economist Intelligence Unit's 2005 rankings (Which MBA, 08/01/2005)
For the first time, a European school—Spain’s IESE—has topped the list
Rice University on business school rankings (, 06/03/2005)
Read what Rice University has to say about business school rankings....
IMD Switzerland on business school rankings (, 05/02/2005)
Read what IMD Switzerland has to say about business school rankings....
Fishing for Schools ( , 04/11/2005)
US News & World Report released its new list of America's best graduate schools in the April 11 edition. Here's the top 10 business schools...
Business School Rankings Are Controversial (, 04/10/2005)
Here is the scoop. Find out why everyone hates them, but cannot do without them. What Do You Think? Join the discussion on business school rankings....
US News and World Report Releases Its 2006 Rankings (, 04/03/2005)
The much awaited America's Best Graduate School 2006 rankings were released by US News and World Report on April Fools Day. Luckily the report is no prank. Of interest to MBA aspirants is the lack...
Dartmouth College on business school rankings (, 02/26/2005)
Read what Dartmouth College has to say about business school rankings....
The University of Texas at Austin on business school rankings (, 02/09/2005)
Read what The University of Texas at Austin has to say about business school rankings....
Global MBA rankings 2005 ( , 01/31/2005)
Two schools are better than one: this might be the headline story of this year’s MBA ranking. Harvard, long-time runner up in the Financial Times MBA rankings, has regained its title as the world’s number one business school after four years, but it
Business Week's 2004 B-school profiles and rankings ( , 10/13/2004)
Northwestern (Kellogg), Chicago, Pennsylvania (Wharton), Stanford and Harvard top the 2004 ranking
Kellogg tops ranking for third successive year (EIU, 10/07/2004)
Once again, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2004 ranking of full-time MBA programmes underlines the dominance of US schools. Sixteen of the top 20 are US schools, with Kellogg ranking number one for the third successive year, and Stanford, Tuck, Ha
And the Winners Are: Michigan, Purdue and IMD (Career Journal, 09/22/2004)
the fourth annual Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive survey of corporate recruiters has produced not one but three No. 1-ranked M.B.A. programs.
In a Class of Their Own (, 09/12/2004)
this year's Hispanic Business ranking of the nation's top MBA programs and law schools for Hispanics shows strengthening commitment to diversity at institutions that are playing an increasingly critical role in advancing the U.S. Hispanic economy.
US News & World Report 2005 Business School Ranking (US News , 04/12/2004)
Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT and Kellogg top the list
Concerning BW's B-School Survey ( , 04/06/2004)
Harvard and Wharton won't provide access to students for our 2004 report, but more than 100 other schools continue to cooperate
Economist Intelligence Unit 2003 ranking of full-time MBAs confirm the dominance of leading US schools (Which MBA, 10/03/2003)
Kellogg, Tuck, Stanford, Fuqua, Chicago, Columbia, Yale and Michigan all do very well
The Best Business Schools (Forbes) (Forbes , 09/25/2003)
Measures your return on investment in dollars and cents. #1 Harvard, #2 Columbia, #3 Chicago, #4 Dartmouth, #5 Yale
2003 Australian MBA Rankings (AFR BOSS, 09/12/2003)
Australian business schools may be under pressure to differentiate themselves in the intensely competitive local and international MBA market. But when their customers choose their courses, they give the highest priority to the fundamentals – content
Value wins (America Economia, 08/31/2003)
Incae gets top spot in Latin America's 2003 ranking (in spanish)
America's top Business Schools 2004 (US News , 04/03/2003)
New US News & World Report's ranking on the web
Assessing Graduate Business School Quality: Rankings (, 12/01/2002)
Rankings are an enigma. The idea of ranking graduate business programs is a relatively new process, which began as a means of increasing magazine sales. The ranking of MBA programs is a hot issue in management education circles.
The Best B-Schools ( , 10/21/2002)
Kellogg vaults to No. 1, pushing perennial favorite Wharton off the throne it has held since 1994
Kellogg is top in new global ranking of MBAs (Which MBA, 10/12/2002)
US schools dominate the ranking, providing nine of the world's top ten programmes. The top three schools--Kellogg, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and Duke University's Fuqua School of Business--all have strong programmes, excellent faculties...
The numbers game (Which MBA, 10/11/2002)
Those that rise in the ranks will gain more eager applicants. Schools that fall will face recriminations from alumni and trustees alike.
WSJ 2nd annual B-School ranking released (, 09/01/2002)
The Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive survey of corporate recruiters. Scores are based on how recruiters rated each business school on 26 attributes, as well as the number of respondents...
Financial Times 2002 MBA rankings ( , 01/01/2002)
Released on January 1: Wharton, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford and Chicago at the top. Insead (6), London (9), IMD (14) Ivey (18) and Cambridge (22) highest ranked non-US schools.
New and Improved interactive MBA Rankings (ForeignMBA, 08/01/2001)
now includes WSJ, AmericaEconomia and AsiaWeek rankings,
Fresh Look at Business-School Rankings (, 05/01/2001)
Wall Street Journal decides to conduct its own Business School Survey
Business Week's 2000 Rankings ( , 10/01/2000)
#1 Wharton, #2 Kellogg, #3 Harvard, #4 MIT, #5 Fuqua, #6 Michigan, #7 Columbia, #8 Cornell, #9 Darden, #10 Chicago
More news...
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Business Week MBA Rankings 2006
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Business School Rankings
By the Education and Social Science Library University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
AUAP 2004 top MBA for International students
This classification differs from traditional US MBA classifications as it is aimed specifically at international/foreign students who wish to pursue an American MBA. Prepared by an organization that assists foreign students enter US universities
Wall Street Journal's 2006 MBA Ranking
Based on the opinions and behavior of M.B.A. recruiters who hire full-time business school graduates
US News Methodology
Procedure used by US News to rank business schools
Financial Times 2009 MBA Rankings
Global MBA rankings
Business Week MBA Rankings 2008
Business school rankings for 2008
Which MBA top Business Schools
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Top MBAs in Latin America
Ranked by business magazine America Economia
US News & World Report 2008 ranking
Best Business Schools, Ranked in 2008
Forbes Business School Rankings 2007
Fifth biennial ranking of business schools highlights the appeal of one-year programs. The survey ranks schools based on return on investment--meaning compensation five years after graduation minus tuition and the forgone salary during school. Each o
Businessweek Guide to the Best Business Schools
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by The Editors of The Wall Street
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The Gourman Report : A Rating of Graduate and Professional Programs in American and International Un
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