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The job search is often long and complicated; for foreign students, it is particularly stressful and confusing. Some resources can help
Work visa issues, for non-US individuals
LINKS suggest a link
Immigration Attorney in Miami
Bratter Krieger Law Group. Special skills, business, investors, green card
The only comprehensive source of international career positions
VisaJobs - The Career Opportunities in America
The first web site dedicated to finding employment for foreign nationals wishing to live and work in the United States".|Tips|A few us
The premier diversity job destination for bilingual career professionals
Information, resources and solutions for International MBA Graduates seeking H1B Visa Jobs and Sponsorship in the USA
Columbia links
Sites offering assistance in finding international positions
Campus Career Center
Dedicated to world-wide opportunities for recent graduates (not necessarily MBAs)
Latin American Professional Network provides "Jobs, news, and advice for Spanish and Portuguese bilinguals.
5 things MBA students must do before they graduate (Rediff, 07/01/2011)
Graduating this year? You are still five steps away from getting that dream job
Doors of opportunity open again for MBAs ( , 06/27/2011)
From luxury goods to consultancy and technology to pharmaceuticals, in 2011 jobs are back across the board
International students face tough job hunt (HeraldTimes, 06/21/2009)
Article at Herald Times, by Ariel Tung
In Search of Jobs, MBAs Take Off the Gloves ( , 06/01/2009)
A dismal job market has MBA students, graduates, and alumni competing like never before. The only rule: There are no rules
Why Headhunters Won't Help an M.B.A.'s Search (, 01/30/2007)
Perri Capell identifies appropriate resources for a recent graduate seeking a corporate strategy or analysis position.
An International Outlook ( , 06/20/2006)
More than half the students at York University are international, which means special challenges for the school's career counseling office
International Mobility at Oxford ( , 05/18/2006)
Two-thirds of Oxford MBAs find jobs outside their native countries, providing an extra challenge to the school's career-services office
International M.B.A.s Still Hustle to Land a U.S. Job (, 11/22/2005)
Despite the improving employment market, foreign business-school graduates face obstacles.
Go East, Young MBAs ( , 09/07/2004)
China's booming economy, multinationals' greater presence there, and weak U.S. hiring cause more Chinese studying abroad to return home
More and more St. Petersburgers looking to occupy top management positions are turning their sights toward a relatively new phenomenon in Russia, the MBA degree. (St. Petersburg Times, 03/16/2004)
Recruiters See MBA Demand Grow
Hitting the year's H-1B visa limit raises questions of whether the United States is open enough (Information Week, 02/23/2004)
The United States last week stopped accepting H-1B applications, saying that, five months into the fiscal year, it has enough to fill the 65,000 annual limit on the visas, which let foreign workers hold jobs here
H-1B Training Program to Be Axed (Wired , 02/11/2004)
The Department of Labor is poised to kill a program that trains Americans to fill positions held by foreign guest workers
Asian MBA salaries catch up with US (, 03/17/2003)
Globally, average salaries for graduating MBAs have increased over 21% in the past seven years. A decade of uninterrupted economic growth resulted in ever-increasing salary and bonus packages for MBA graduates.
Visa Denials: Deporting MBAs (MBA jungle, 02/27/2003)
Foreign B-school grads are getting caught in the INS's post-September 11 dragnet
Yanking the Welcome Mat for Foreign MBAs ( , 12/23/2002)
The weak economy, coupled with a looming drop in the availability of H-1B work visas, is taking its toll. International enrollment at BusinessWeek's Top 30 schools slipped from 32% in 2000 to 30% in 2002 and is estimated to go lower yet in 2004
MBA graduates will find fewer jobs in US (, 12//2002)
International students obtaining MBA degrees in the US next spring will find fewer job offers in America than before, according to The Wall Street Journal
International Students Face Broken Dreams (, 04/30/2001)
Some business schools say nearly half of the recruiters that visit their campuses flatly refuse to meet international students
M.B.A. Degrees Add To Family Assets (WSJ College , 10/09/2000)
More Asian firms may depend for their survival on the ability of their Western-trained executives to practice what they have learned
Getting a job in the US: a guide for international MBAs
Main > Getting a job for MBA > Jobs for international MBAs

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