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online GMAT preparation
Applying to a Top MBA Program: From Decision to Admission- Interviews with Successful Applicants
by Lara Letteau, Bryan Goss
Mastering MBA admissions
by Ruben Salinas, Top10Mba
Marketing Yourself to the Top Business Schools
by Phil Carpenter, Carol Carpente
The Complete Idiot's Guide to MBA Basics
by Tom Gorman, Ed Paulson
Cliffs Computer-Adaptive Graduate Management Admission Test: Preparation Guide
by Jerry Bobrow, William A. Covin
MBA in a Box : Practical Ideas from the Best Brains in Business
by Joel Kurtzman, Glenn Rifkin, Victoria Griffith
Which Mba?: A Critical Guide to the World's Best Programmes
by George Bickerstaffe
Your MBA Game Plan: Proven Strategies for Getting into the Top Business Schools
by Omari Bouknight, Scott Shrum

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